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Boisson au vin


At Station 22, we have been creating the trendiest beverages to suit all tastes for 100 years now. We go well beyond just bottling and distributing; we are involved in every step of the production process. We always stay up to date on the latest industry needs to develop the brands that best satisfy current trends.

The result? Millions of Quebec, Canadian and American consumers enjoy our wines, spirits and ready-to-drink beverages, all locally made with pride.

A century of trendy beverages
to suit all tastes

Formerly known as Maison des Futailles, Mondia Alliance or Kruger Wines and Spirits, Station 22 has been selecting, bottling and marketing products for 100 years now.

We are always up-to-date on the latest market needs so we can predict upcoming trends. We draw on our analyses to develop our products right at our plants, from creation, to marketing, to distribution.

Every year, we produce :

500 000

cases of spirits

2 millions

cases of ready-to-drink beverages

1,9 millions

cases of bottles of wine

At your service!

Station 22 represents a century of local expertise, in-depth knowledge of market trends and profoundly client-focused service, all in one single organization.

We offer a full suite of turnkey services to businesses in the beverage industry.

Customer service
We form a bridge between clients and our teams—a bona fide link between our clients’ businesses and our valued customers.
Research and development
Whether we’re presented with a concept you have brought to life or a simple idea, our team has the expertise to create recipes for all types of beverages.
Quality control
We ensure that our delivered products meet every aspect of quality requirements, from specification checks to approval requests, while also managing allergen-related risks.
Infographics and prepress
We can modify an existing visual or create a new one from scratch, taking care to comply with all applicable standards. We also coordinate printing.
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